Co-creation platform for the Covid-19 response and recovery

People from all over the globe need to have means to work together at a safe distance and develop new ways of dealing with the devastating effects the Covid-19 pandemic caused in the healthcare system, the economy and society in general.

Initiated by Dutch universities, government agencies, businesses and other institutions, ResilientSociety is an international, online co-creation platform to meet this need. It’s a place where professionals can find each other easily, explore already developed and validated solutions and get professional support.

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Highlighted Case
Project Mask

In preparation for that scarcity hospitals, we initiated the sterilisation of masks and the evaluation of their performance. We bring together expertise to build up testing facilities and to support validation.

Need to be addressed

The Covid-19 pandemic causes an explosive need for personal protective clothing that cannot be addressed by the existing industry, first of all for care professionals worldwide but in more and more professional and private settings as well.

Support request by project

Extra face mask test facilities needed
Due to the vast quantities of masks being produced and outsourced from various locations there is an ever-increasing demand for appropriate testing of the functioning of these masks. Currently, there is not sufficient capacity at the national level to carry out the overwhelming number of mask tests being requested. There is a limited number of parties active, such as TU Delft and TNO, but there is ample room for partners who are able and willing to employ the test setups that have been developed so far. The full outline of our project, including our open-source testing protocols and what equipment is required, can be found on our Project Mask Website.

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What people are working on

Here you can find an overview of projects that people work on. Soon you can find an abundance of projects by partners of this coalition and projects we think you should be aware of.

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Events & programmes
What people are organising

When crisis brings elements of our societies, activities, and institutions into question, we can modify them, together, by creating new, more resilient systems, routines, behaviors, and technologies.

We can adapt!

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Resilience Coalition

ResilientSociety is a bottom-up initiative. We unite governments, universities, startups, creatives, smeś and corporates. They jointly work on solutions for response, recovery and future growth.

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