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About Us
If we take action together, we can deliver the best solutions for the benefit of people.

In March of 2020 the Covid-19 virus pandemic forced countries all over the globe into partial or full lockdowns. At the same time a burst of creativity and willingness to help overcome sudden challenges in the healthcare system and beyond arose.  

We know that apart from the health effects, the current break in economic activity will cause a global recession  and an increasing number of people will return to living in extreme poverty, especially in the less resilient low and middle income countries.

To restart the economy, while the virus is still among us without a vaccine, sufficient herd immunity or access to a cure, we need to develop new, innovative approaches to live together and do business at 1,5 meter distance among us.

At the same time, the crisis offers momentum to start living in a more sustainable manner as a global community. All this calls for a new collaborative approach of creativity, entrepreneurship, research, education, decision making at an international scale.

We need to work together with all sorts of organisations and business, with all disciplines and effectively find each other, combine our efforts without duplicating them and scale viable solutions. We need to reconnect our international ties and trade lines, while at the same time we need to keep our distance.

Fortunately, online collaboration tools, when professionally supported, can play a pivotal role in supporting just that.

As ResilientSociety:

  • we create a community of internationally operating businesses, governments, universities, healthcare institutes, investors and support organisations.
  • we are supported by professionals who bring together, review and present high quality, viable / need oriented solutions for urgent and long term challenges and opportunities, either open source or as a business.
  • we facilitate in inviting teams of members to organize online co-creation sessions and request support from the community.
  • we facilitate connections to private and public financial support bodies or partners’ resources to the execution, research or development of the created activities.
  • we support access to relevant expertise from the partners to get a deeper understanding or analysis of the  projects.

With the platform we expect to cover a wide variety of themes: mobility, retail, government, health care, sports, culture are just some of the many sectors that are affected by the current crisis.

The ultimate goal of the platform is to collectively take action and share knowledge among governments, science, businesses and industries worldwide to increase our impact and mitigate this global crisis.

ResilientSociety is initiated in the Netherlands by a coalition of national and regional governments, universities, businesses and others. In 2020 we aim to support at least 100 co-creation projects on the platform, engaging an (inter)national network of partners that, on an average, contribute to 3 projects. We plan to connect a number of strategic international organisations, to ensure a truly international sharing of solutions and insight.

Join us

We invite you to join ResilientSociety by either offering your expertise or submitting a challenge for potential solutions. Examples of focus areas are medical equipment, mobility and logistics and digital security.

A team of experts will evaluate each submission and provide feedback on the next steps.

You can also join the Resilient Society as a partner (organisation) or as a member (individually) to offer your resources (knowledge, production facilities) and participate in co-creation sessions.


The ResilientSociety platform, initiated by WorldStartup and a community of founding partners and currently in a pilot phase. As we grow, we learn. Please share your feedback and ideas with us.

Act Now. Join Us.